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The Role of Young People in Combating Human Trafficking

[metaslider id=3570]For years, human trafficking has continued to thrive in shadow and in the silence of others. The future of young people have been frustrated, their dreams shattered, and potentials caged because of human trafficking. The U.S Department of States estimates that 27 million women, girls, boys, and men are

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Snatched away from my home and my family

Snatched away from my home and my family Trafficked for sex Daily i live in agony Tortured and pain harmonise me like a symphony Tears filled my eyes as I figure out my destiny   From brothels to hotels one night stand even in  hostels, No one cares for my

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Sold Into Modern Slavery at 12.

I was about twelve young, naive and still a fool, When I was handed to my aunt who promised to enroll me in school. At first I wouldn’t go but I summoned courage, Cause to be the pilot that I dreamt of I knew I had to pass through college.

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#ProsecuteEseTrafficker The story of Ese Oruru and her trafficker is a revelation of how hundreds of teenage girls are trafficked and forced into marriage. Her case has a tendency of repeating in the lives of vulnerable girls in Nigeria, if no action is taken. However, the arraignment of Yinusa Dahiru

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