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Human Trafficking

dsc_5984For years, human trafficking has continued to thrive in shadow and in the silence of others. The future of young people have been frustrated, their dreams shattered, and potentials caged because of human trafficking. The U.S Department of States estimates that 27 million women, girls, boys, and men are currently victims of human trafficking globally. From my findings, the number of victims of human trafficking is more than the population of Ghana, Mozambique, Australia, Netherlands, North Korea or Zambia. Recently, I read  the 2016 Global Slavery Index Report which showed that there are 875, 500 Nigerians who are victims of human trafficking overtime.

According to United Nations, each year $32 billion is generated from the exploitation of victims of human trafficking. This amount is more than the yearly budget of Nigeria, Ghana, or Cameroun. Also, research shows that 80 percent of the victims of human trafficking are women and girls which are young people between the age of 6 and 24.

According to Millions Suffer in Sex Slavery,   more than 30, 000 victims of human trafficking die every year as a result of abuse, hunger, disease, torture, etc.

Martin Luther King (Jnr) made it clear when he said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”. Human trafficking matters and should be a concern to everyone. There is an urgent need for everyone to be in the forefront of combating human trafficking, and no one needs to wait until he is directly affected before speaking out against this evil. William Wilberforce said, “Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me”.

 We can’t pretend as if human trafficking doesn’t exist. We can’t turn our back to victims. We can’t overlook or neglect the vulnerable ones. We have to take action, and nothing but action.

If you don’t do something now, something worst will happen, and more people will become victims to human trafficking.

I specially request you to join us to combat and prevent human trafficking and other related matters.

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