support-us“Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me”. William Wilberforce.

The resources are in your hand to support our work

  1. Join our Board of Supporters (BOS): Supporters are those who donate (N1000, N2000, N5000, N10, 000,  N20, 000 or more) monthly for our anti-human trafficking projects. By making a monthly donation, you become our supporter.

To be a member of Board of Supporters Against Trafficking in Persons, click here to fill the form:

Board of Supporters Registration Form


  1. Fundraise for us: Raise funds as an individual or rally friends and fundraise as a group. Dedicate your birthday, anniversary, or wedding to raise funds for our anti-human trafficking projects.

Tips for fundraising:

  1. Make the first donation and let other people see your commitment.
  2. Tell people what fundraising for DCAD means to you. Consider asking face-to-face.
  • Tell your donors why their money is needed and what DCAD is doing to fight human trafficking.
  1. Always remind others to donate.
  2. Let each donor know you have given their donations to us and appreciate them

To do a fundraising, contact us.


Our account details:

Account name: Devatop Centre for Africa Development

Account number: 4110051764 (Naira account)  or  5250095500 (USD)

Bank name: Fidelity Bank PLC.


Where You Fund Can Go :

  1. Supporting vulnerable people, especially girls and children
  2. The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Related Matters (TAPHOM)
  3. Supporting survivors of human trafficking and abuse
  4. Community outreach


To give, fill this Donation Form

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